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Micro-USB Connectors Set Standard For Sleeker Mobile Devices

Author:SHENZHEN LITKCONN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Hits:907   Published:2014-12-05

The latest Micro-USB connectors  allow increased design flexibility and compactness in portable mobile devices.  These new connectors are setting the standard for new and future portable devices which are becoming so thin that the current Mini-USB no longer fits the design constraints. Compared to the Mini-USB, the low profile Micro-USB connectors offer a more compact footprint and a volumetric space reduction of more than 50 percent – a critical advantage to the development of smaller and sleeker mobile devices such as PDAs, digital cameras and mobile phones. These connectors are compliant with the Micro-USB 1.0 Specifications and support the current USB On-The-Go (OTG) supplement, giving users the convenience of mobile point-to-point connectivity.

The  Micro-USB connectors are available as Standard and Mid Mount "B" receptacles, with lead-in features for blind mate capability. These robust receptacles have wide side solder tabs for improved secured PCB retention and top grounding fingers for mating assurance.